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Custommade is inspired by a dream about creating custom made and beautiful clothing that defies trends. It was established in 2002 by Christian Dam in Copenhagen, Denmark. Custommade offers an array of urban essentials appealing to modern-minded and cosmopolitan women who crave simple sophistication. 


Custommade is creatively driven by creative director and founder, Christian Dam and head designer, Anne Rasmussen. Anne Rasmussen is focusing on timeless designs with contemporary edge and energy specially focusing on fabrics with a fantastic feel. Understated enough for relaxing at weekends, easy enough to dress up for a quick trip to Paris. With its strong and recognisable brand identity, it perfectly underlines the sophisticated Scandinavian design.





Christian dam.jpg

Christian Dam

Creative director









Anne Rasmussen.jpg

 Anne Rasmussen 

Head Designer












Custommade is distributed in more than 400 retail stores around the world, represented by agents and distributors in 11 countries selling to 25 markets. It has 12 showrooms, a variety of shop in shops and an online store selling to almost all of Europe.


Custommade is easy to wear - easy to love.