Custommade Autumn Winter 21 is finally launching! 

With the launch of our Autumn/Winter collection we want to convey the important theme that was in the forefront during the process of its making, and for the campaign made. This magical collection is associated with friendship and every important aspect that comes with it.  When standing in front of a new normality we have to hold on to the things that still gives us joy and happiness in our lives, to be able to continue feel enthusiasm and inspiration.

Join our Custommade muses and enjoy all the beautiful styles the collection has to offer - together with your friends and beloved ones.

" While resetting the time, I am discovering within myself what is important to me.  This season the collection is a tribute to friendships and the importance of human connections. A collection that reflects every day's craving to relate through joyful festivities."
- Anne Rasmussen / Head Of Design