Custommade's well-known poetic universe is expanding

Custommade announces new Head of Design and expands the brand's DNA

Danish fashion brand Custommade is headed in an elevated, and more contemporary direction with the appointment of their new Head of Design, Mette Fredin. A playful and sexier Scandinavian universe will shape the already well-established exclusive brand identity. A new investor and partner have joined the team as the brand is looking towards new international markets.

Custommade's well-known poetic universe is expanding as the brand enters a new phase. With a sexier and more playful vision for the brand, exclusivity and craftsmanship will meet urban femininity and casual luxury.

To lead the creative process, Custommade has brought in renowned Danish designer Mette Fredin as the new Head of Design. Fredin comes from the position of Senior Designer at Saks Potts and has significant experience from her time as Head of Design at 2NDDAY and Creative Director and Co-founder at Blanche. Fredin will take up her new position on September 1st, 2023.

Custommade founder and CEO Christian Dam has been working on realizing the new vision for some time. "For more than 20 years, we have positioned ourselves as a developing brand with a unique approach to the design process and brand identity. We listen to customers and trends, but also to ourselves and follow our creative sense of design. This is what makes us unique” the founder states. Christian Dam, who plays both a creative and strategic role and is the man behind the brand's popular shoe collection, which accounts for an extensive part of the brand's growth.

New visions and a strengthened creative identity

Custommade has manifested itself as an exclusive Danish fashion brand for the past 20 years. The brand's flourishing growth has brought on new visions and a desire to inspire and reflect empowerment, sensitivity, and self-confidence. The exclusivity, femininity, and quality the brand is known for, remains but with the new direction, so with a more playful, sexy and urban feel.

"Fashion evolves – and so do we. Custommade's DNA is already well-established, and we’re currently experiencing great interest and growth. Now is a perfect time to expand our brand and strengthen our brand identity. Our ambition with the new collections is for everyone to be able to feel strong, feminine, and happy in their bodies. We want to inspire a playful style that makes one enter the world feeling empowered and comfortable with your own unique look; be your own muse. We are all custom-made – and that is what our new designs will reflect." says the brands founder and CEO Christian Dam.

Christian Dam CEO / Founder

The brand's new collections will have a minimalist approach with a focus on quality and unique pieces. Their popular shoe collection is a glimmering example of the playful, curious journey the brand is on. Modern women should be able to style the collections in their own unique way. The times we live in are empowered, and the ambition is that everyone should be able to feel effortlessly confident and unique in Custommade’s styles.

International growth attracts a new investor and partner

The brand identity is not the only thing expanding and developing. As Custommade is heading towards new international horizons, a new investor and a known face in fashion Ole Damm enters as investor and partner. The duo Dam(m), Christian Dam and Ole Damm, are ambitious for thebrand's international growth. The new investor and partner Ole Damm sees great potential in Custommade's future journey:

"We join Custommade offering logistical skills, among other things, but also knowledge of how to adjust brands to become stable in the long run. It's all about creating time and space for Christian and his team to focus on the creative processes in the company. Custommade's potential is super interesting to us. The success we've seen with the shoe collections is quite remarkable for our industry.”

The new collections will be available online and in stores this summer. Founder Christian Dam is looking forward to presenting the new designs:

"With Mette Fredin's appointment and Ole Damm as a new partner, we're focusing on our international growth. At the same time, we’re looking into a renewal of the Custommade brand. We’re opening some new doors and exploring new potentials. It’s an inspiring and exciting process, and I’m looking forward to presenting the new collections in January 2024, which will be available in stores and online in July 2024," says founder Christian Dam.