Welcome to The Custommade Blooming Garden.

The world has changed, and we are standing in front of a new normality. We are looking for and craving a more feminine and playful time. The sophisticated but yet not complicated down to earth beauty is what’s on mind.

The Spring/Summer 21 collection is focused on the craft and cut as well as volumes and luxurious fabrics. Creativity is key. It’s a marvelous display of craftsmanship, elegance and charm. 

The goal is to give value to every piece with as much detail and precision as possible. As a romantic at heart, the collection is made for the joy of dressing up. In a dazzling mix between the feeling of getting a floral bath and adorable dots, we hereby hand the collection over to you.

The Spring/Summer 21 collection is celebrated in an exclusive jardin outside Copenhagen, where the sophistication meets the activity of the season: badminton with the girls. Join our Custommade muses into a summer weekend out in the calm, far away from the city lights – yet always so stylish.